Ryan Bilodeau

Ryan Bilodeau

Catholic, Small Business Owner & Author. Ardent about helping the poor. Fan of Boston sports, poetry, politics, hip hop & theology.

Ryan Bilodeau | www.ryanbilodeau.com


Hi, I’m Ryan. I have a background in fundraising, public speaking, organization management, campaign management, media relations, Catholic parishes, event planning and teaching. I’m an online and offline marketing, advertising and strategy consultant for small businesses and political candidates with an interest in promoting the Catholic faith, about which I blog on Prayer to Pen, through all such means. I’m writing a book about my Mom who lived a life of heroic virtue, and starting a memorial foundation made to further her legacy. I really enjoy public speaking and teaching. Am very interested in attacking the poverty problem through something I’ve created called “The Gift Card Project”. I’m a big fan of Boston sports and hip hop. Read my entire biography here.


Catholic Campaigns - Parish Websites & Marketing

Catholic Campaigns – Revolutionizing the way Catholic parishes interact with their members. Coming in 2016.

The Gift Card Project

The GCP is an idea, movement & national effort meant to encourage others to bring closer in proximity the needy and those who help them.

Marie Bilodeau Memorial Foundation

Continuing the charitable work done on earth by Marie Bilodeau while also highlighting her heroic example.

Running to Heaven

Running to Heaven: The Story of Marie Bilodeau – a book by Ryan Bilodeau

Bricks Plus Clicks Small Business Consulting

Small business marketing, branding, advertising, social media marketing, SEO, web development and web design.

Prayer to Pen Catholic Blog

Prayer to Pen offers news and commentary through the lens of a Catholic worldview


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